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Interview Advice

The Ashdown Group have arranged over 16,000 interviews

Competition for positions can often be stiff – after all, recruitment consultants introduce the very best people they can find.

Sometimes it’s particularly difficult for an interviewer to decide who they would like to offer a job to – and the smallest things can be the defining factor.

1. Pre Interview 3. The Interview
2. Interview Approach 4. Post interview
Pre Interview Preparation

Research the Company

It’s highly likely that you will be asked what you know about the company you would like to join. Knowing the basics will impress interviewers and underline both your enthusiasm and your initiative.
Research the Company
Most companies boast their awards, turnover, longevity and industry position on their company homepage – is the company listed on the Stock Market? What’s the share price? When were they floated?

Researching the company you’re hoping to join will also help you make your mind up as to whether or not they are the type of business you would like to join.

Belief in the business and what it stands for will help you interview with the enthusiasm the interviewer is looking for.

Industry Sector Research

What do you know about the industry sector your potential employer operates in?

A better understanding of how the industry works, who the customers are and the purpose the sector serves will increase your confidence prior to interview.

Personal Appearance

It’s always better to dress conservatively. The clothes you decide to wear to your interview are a statement about yourself. You are trying to make the very best first impression and you need to dress in a way that suggests you are commercially aware and ready for business.Dress Appropriately

Wear a good suit – does your suit need to be dry cleaned before your interview?
Does your shirt and tie choice look professional enough? Do they go well with your suit? Are your shoes smart enough? Do they need to be polished?

We don’t wish to patronise, but first impressions count for everything. If your interviewer likes the way you have presented yourself the interview is likely to go well.

Read your CV several times

Obviously you need to be prepared to answer questions relating to your CV. It’s sensible to read your CV several times before your interview so that you are familiar with your employment dates and the responsibilities you have listed.

Hesitation in confirming dates could leave your interviewer feeling doubtful.

Prepare the questions you would like to ask

There’s little point in asking questions unless you’re genuinely interested in the answer. Asking questions for the sake of asking questions will weaken your interview performance. Interviewers can identify genuine interest.

Prepare some intelligent questions prior to interview. The more interested you seem in the company and the opportunity the more likely it is that your interviewer will see your performance in a positive light.

Interview performance is judged in many ways. Those that interview in a plain and uninteresting way are unlikely to inspire an interviewer.

An interviewer will often be more interested in how you think, how you reason, how you summarise and explain your experience and how you approach problems and scenarios.

Plan your route before the day of the interview
Running Late?
Even those that are brimming with confidence feel slightly nervous on the day of an interview – particularly if they really want the job they are interviewing for!

Taking away as much of the pressure you are likely to feel on your interview day helps to steady your nerves. Preparation is key.

It’s obvious, but always make sure you’ve left plenty of time to travel to your destination. You don’t want to rush or become hot and bothered just before you’re required to interview for a position you’d really like to be offered.

The best way to take all of the pressure out of finding a company’s offices is to do a ‘dry run’. Knowing exactly where you’re going on the morning of an interview is one less thing to worry about.

If you haven’t got time to visit the offices before your interview – at the very least plan your route and allow enough time for unexpected delays. If you are using public transport, you can always take a taxi to the company’s premises for the last part of your journey.

If you are travelling by bus or train, find out exact departure times before your interview day.

Those that arrive late for an interview without extremely good reason are rarely offered a job.


Due to new legislation you may be asked to show proof of eligibility to work in the UK, please take your passport or birth certificate along to your interview.

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