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Completely transparent charging

The permanent fee is calculated as a percentage of basic salary only, you will be invoiced when the new recruit starts.


Our 12.5% fee is available for your first vacancy and future vacancies, providing we are working with you on a 5 day exclusive basis.


For all new customers, our placement fee for working on a vacancy in competition with another recruitment business is 15%. This recruitment fee applies if you have already worked with another agency or choose to use Ashdown and another agency at the same time. Please note, that our 17.5% fee applies to existing customers registering a vacancy we work on in competition with another agency.


Exceptional Recruitment Protection

Should someone leave within the first 13 weeks of service, the entire recruitment process will be delivered again, without any compromise in service level. If unsuccessful a full 100% refund will be issued.

Fees and Rebate

Available hourly or daily

Speed and quality

Delivered quickly, compliantly and cost effectively. On site as soon as tomorrow. Access to in excess of 1 million unique professionals registered with Ashdown, in addition to millions of profiles and CVs available through subscribed databases. 

Hire the best talent, not the most easily available. Added together our contractors will work almost 75,000 days this year. Few agencies can compete with our combination of cost and resource.


Long-term project personnel are availible to cover for maternity, sickness, staff shortfall and secondments. Aligned with our permanent fee structure our transparent margins deliver cost effective industry professionals.


Senior appointments

Our 12.5% fee is available on all roles, from graduate to board level however Ashdown Executive is a value-added service for senior appointment requiring more time, research and investment. Fees start at 25% of gross renumeration.