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At Ashdown we do things differently

We are passionate about nurturing and developing our team, believing that our employees are our biggest asset and the key to our success.

Our team are hugely supportive of each other; there is a willingness internally for everyone to succeed. We work collaboratively; we share in each other’s successes and support each other to overcome challenges.

As a business we invest heavily in the tools our team need to succeed, whether that be in technology, in marketing to generate new business or in additional training. As an Account Manager, you are introduced to new clients generated by external company marketing campaigns, with absolutely no cold calling required, meaning your entire role is focused on managing and developing your own client relationships.

The majority of our team have ten plus years tenure at Ashdown, standing as a testament to the great culture that exists.

Flexible working

Our focus has been on creating a culture of trust at Ashdown which affords everyone flexibility and a working environment that works for their individual needs.

We offer remote and fully flexible working; empowering our team to create a working structure that works for them and the business.



Training & Development

Ashdown has always been focused on developing and promoting talent from within. We have created an environment which fosters continuous learning and development; every one of our team are invested in, and supported through, additional training and qualifications.
We run mentoring programmes to support the team through career development planning and upskilling and ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their own individual goals whilst working at Ashdown.