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Just starting out

Single requirement

Mapping out the plans for a single piece of recruitment at a small business appears to be a relatively simple process but the impact of each individual on a small environment is significant. If it’s a newly created role, what impact is it likely to have on others?

If it’s replacing someone leaving, are you looking at a like-for-like substitution, or will the new joiner be able to make the same developmental journey as your leaver?

Consider the future

What is your long term business strategy and where does this hire fit within that plan? Where will this role progress, and what’s the person going to be looking for in 3 or 5 years’ time? In the fast moving, modern working world 5 years is a long-time, career path is crucial.

What’s the budget

Salary is not the be all and end all but it will have an impact on the relevance of the candidates you see. Offering too much or too little can negatively impact the recruitment, meaning it requires research and consideration around market rates, growth potential and your existing team.

Location, Location, Location

If it’s been a while since you’ve hired for the position, note how things changed in the marketplace. The marked salary difference between the southeast of England and the rest of the UK continues, but appreciate the competition for exceptional talent is definitively nationwide.

Also there has been significant consideration given to retention via non-financial benefits. For example, 20 days holiday rising with service used to be normal, but now anyone earning over £40,000 expects 25 days from day one.

Talent strategy

Planning pipeline

The most pressing imperative for businesses today is the quest for growth, with the biggest challenge being the talent and leadership needed to secure and sustain it. But it’s not just people, it's the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Equally important, it is the entire organisation acting in harmony to execute strategies for winning results.

Ashdown has catalogued the elements of talent and isolated the most potent facets. The result is bespoke, intelligent solutions to recruitment planning.

INSIGHT - IT Realignment

Organisation alignment

Through competency modelling, we enable organisations around the UK to successfully match specific people to specific roles, even as the requirements of those roles continuously change and evolve.

This not only secures closer alignment between talent strategy and business strategy, but also helps minimise the risk when recruiting, or when developing employees.


Succession management

Few events carry greater risk to organisations than changes in personnel. So why do so many organisations have an ineffective succession planning process or even worse, no process at all for finding and preparing the next incumbent for a role?

We can help your organisation gain a clearer view of your talent at all levels, as well as what will be required to successfully deliver on the strategy. To close the gaps, we can help design and implement differentiated and effective development strategies.



All included

1. Research

We crave information. The more we have the better job we believe we can do. A lot of information comes over time, learning from a specific manager or set of people with each business who facilate any recruitment. The sooner we can meet you, the better.

2. Planning

Our workflow works. It's been perfected over a number of years but constantly evoles as technology improves and candidates adjust their behaviours.

3. Job descriptions

If you're having difficulties putting the role into words, talk with us. We've seen every variation of every job and already have job specifications for each and every opportunity. And if it's total new, we'll be intrigued and excited.

4. Identifying potential

We register almost 30,000 CVs every month. We have access to hundreds of high-calibre professional people that live within 5 miles of every UK business. We spend hundreds of thousands on advertising and marketing every year to give our customers the best choice possible.

When we look at an organisation with a very specialised, hard to find skill set, we will analyse the data of the top performers in that job family to produce unique new leads to follow.

5. Interview architecture

We can standardise your interviewing protocol, allowing you to consistenly demonstrate structured and focused interviews so final decisions are based on more than impressive resumes and positive hunches.

6. Onboarding

Understanding the connection between a well-designed onboarding process and employee retention will help you. We can talk with you about assigning onboarding the priority it deserves.


When a CV arrives

Review quickly

Working efficiently is key to a high success rate. When reviewing candidates we first consider experience, industry relevance, work history, communication skills and location.

We screen over 1000 CVs per day, selecting and interviewing the best.

Book them in

Timescales are important, if candidates are actively job-hunting they are likely to be lining up interviews over the space of a couple of weeks. Showing that you are eager to meet them promptly without undue delay is key.

Provide feedback

Prompt and concise feedback is constructive regardless of the situation, the more information you can give the better we will perform.

Ask questions

Hiring isn’t an exact science. Reaching the point of on boarding talent can be a journey of realisation, and a balance of business need and growth potential. Asking questions and exploring options is a key cornerstone to achieving results.

Interview architecture


Recruitment consultants

As a client of the Ashdown Group, you don’t just get a leading recruitment process; you buy-in to an extensive wealth of talented individuals, working with you to provide knowledge and expertise. Organisations often turn to us for their basic search and fill needs, before realising that they’ve stumbled on a consultancy.

Search requires a sophisticated blend of knowledge to understand business needs, science to mitigate risk, and the art of human relations to find the perfect match. Ashdown are masters of all these areas.


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Invite us to come and meet with you, we can talk with you about recruitment process design, succession planning or interview architecture.


If you want to ask a question

Register a Vacancy

Pass us your details and an overview of you requirements. We'll have the right person call you.

Further insight

Tailored salary survey and data

We have access to specialist data and advanced trends which our team regularly review and analyse for key market indicators. We report on that information in articles posted to our website.

We’ve never produced a general market salary guide for industries or job titles, as in they’re not very helpful. Uniquely, we will produce tailored salary information for your company, specific to an individual job to ensure its relevance.


The Ashdown Group team are genuinely interested in recruitment. It's not a stop-gap job, it's a career choice. Our consultants have one of the longest tenure rates in the industry, and it shows.

Producing information and advice guides based on real experiences. We share as much of that knowledge as possible with our clients to provide the best, and most holistic service possible.