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Job description

The CRM Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive customer relationship management strategy to drive customer loyalty and retention. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in customer service, marketing and relationship management, as well as experience with CRM systems and data analysis.

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Career overview

The specific responsibilities of a CRM manager can vary depending on the organisation and the industry, but generally they include:

  • Develop and implement a customer relationship management strategy to drive customer loyalty and retention
  • Analyse customer data to identify trends and opportunities
  • Implement processes and systems to manage and optimise customer interactions and customer data
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a seamless customer experience
  • Develop and manage budgets for customer relationship management initiatives
  • Manage customer communications to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
Key skills and personal attributes

Some of the key skills that are typically required for a CRM Manager include:

  • Data analysis: Be able to interpret customer data and use it to inform strategy and decision-making.
  • Communication: Effectively communicate with customers, as well as with internal teams such as sales and marketing.
  • Project management: Responsible for managing projects related to customer relationships, such as implementing a new CRM system, preparing data for digital communications, data segmentation and customer journey analysis.
  • Technical skills: Proficient in using CRM software and databases such as Hubspot or Salesforce, in addition to relevant marketing tools and systems.
  • Time management: Impeccable organisation skills to be able to manage multiple concurrent projects.
Relevant marketing qualifications

There are a variety of qualifications that can help you get a job in marketing communications:

  1. Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field
  2. 5+ years of experience in customer service and relationship management
  3. Experience with CRM systems and data analysis
  4. Strong problem-solving and communication skills
  5. High level of attention to detail
Career path

The onward career options for a CRM Manager are fairly broad ranging as the role is a multi-disciplinary marketing position harnessing analytical skills, management skills and having a strong understanding of marketing principles.

Options include joining a larger organisation and managing a team of CRM specialists, becoming the Head of CRM if the business is of a suitable size to warrant this role, Head of Digital Marketing, Head of Marketing, Chief Experience Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

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