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Transform your organisation’s DNA

Embedding the perfect C-Level Executive will make a difference. People handpicked from a crafted solution that focuses on total executive value, not just the bottom line.



Why Ashdown?


For each search engagement, industry relevant talent is pulled from our knowledge base, which combines salary, industry, location and job description benchmarking. Assessed by a team of senior consultants the results are both accurate and timely.


There is no substitute for experience. We combine deep expertise with world-class technology. Powerful tools produce real results, our experts apply their knowledge and the outcomes balance the needs of the organisation against those of the motivated executive.


A transparent methodology that has been proven time and again. Experienced consultants that help ensure that an informed consultation process takes place ensuring effective dialogue with all interested parties.

Ready now candidates

Ashdown Executive is a recruitment hub that never stops. Monitoring and assessing executives across the globe, applying statistical validation to produce those informed, superior results, from engagement to launch.


Phased charging

25% of remuneration (chargable in 3 stages):

Assignment Fee - 10% of gross remuneration on engagement of Ashdown Executive
Shortlist Fee - 5% on presentation of our shortlist
Completion Fee - 10% on placement (+/- any correction for actual remuneration)



Should the worst happen and the individual leaves within twelve months, for any reason other than redundancy, the Completion Fee will be fully refunded.

*Subject to terms


Interim and Contract

25% for interim/fixed term roles

Charging for Fixed Term roles follows the same structure as fully permanent requirements except the fee is will be pro-rated to the overall length of the engagement. There is a minimum fee threshold in place for engagements that are shorter than 6 months.

Consultancy contract charges carry a daily rate margin of 15%, assuming a minimum term of 3 months.

Detailed terms available upon request



How it works

1. Contact

Get in touch to define needs or discuss issues. The contact details below will put you directly in touch with our Executive team. Following the first conversation we will make arrangements to come and discuss your needs with you in greater detail.

2. Meeting

Time is precious but the more that’s examined the better the results. Armed with research and analysis from the initial query our consultants will contextually appraise your situation and needs. Combined with the data, resources are scheduled, timelines and workflows produced and a simplified delivery plan compiled and presented.

3. Exploration

Upon confirmation of the engagement formal approaches to candidates are made. Specific tailored research and background assessments are carried out. Depending on the complexity of the requirement this scrutiny could take several weeks but every detail will be agreed in advance and you'll be constantly informed of the progress.

4. Delivery

Each potential incumbent is introduced to you. It’s not just a pack of two dimensional CVs. Your consultant will provide extensive insight and opinion as to why these people stand above all others.

5. Interview, feedback, interview, offer

During these critical phases focus aligns with securing the executive you want, ensuring that they possess the same level of enthusiasm and commitment. Post-interview analysis and review is fed back into the decision making process. Offers are verbally pre-negotiated after initial interview with formal acceptance virtually assured.

6. Intelligence

Acceptance is far from the end of the process. Consistent communication through the final parts of the transformation process ensures that the executive is familiarised with the initial projects, targets and actions during their notice period.


Executive relationships

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Salary survey and data

Leveraging a vast volume of data and decades of combined research, intelligence and knowledge, our free salary tailored salary report empowers decision making and strategy evaluation before committing resources.

Thought Leadership

Recruitment industry authority with informed talent, true experts in assessment, succession, employer branding, search, leadership, reward and benefits, strategy execution and workforce design.