Why choose a bespoke salary report?

We provide free salary advice on a regular basis to many of our 2,000 customers, custom benchmarking specific roles.

Unlike generic salary data which is often aged and compiled using keywords, presenting unreliable, inaccurate results; the Ashdown Group salary report is compiled with up to the minute market intelligence by a team of expert consultants who speak to 100’s of business professionals daily and understand the ever evolving recruitment landscape.

We offer a truly bespoke service that has proven to be an invaluable tool in both retaining existing staff and attracting new talent for many of our customers.

How is the data compiled?

Your job description is compared to similar live positions in the current job market using in-house software tools. Data is analysed taking into consideration industry sector, geography and specific skills.

Historical data is extracted from the 17,000 industry specific vacancies registered with the Ashdown Group.

With a registered candidate community of over a million professionals, we are well placed to establish actual salaries being paid for the role and responsibilities most closely matched to your job description.

What will your report include?

The salary report will indicate the level of salary currently being paid to those performing the role within other businesses along with the level of demand for those skills, the volume and demand by location, industry and the likely application rate. Have a look at an example report.

Since 1999 the Ashdown Group has been delivering innovative services to 1,000’s of companies across the UK, distancing our offering from competitors. Providing information in a consultative manner, supporting hiring decisions and advising customers towards successful outcomes has led to 85% of our company business coming from returning customers.

Whether you are hiring for a new position, would like to benchmark salaries for existing staff or have been asked to forecast this information for budgets, the Ashdown Group can provide you with high quality researched data.

The Process

  • 1 Discovery
  • 2 Research
  • 3 Analysis
  • 4 Report
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