Positive outlook for Marketing Jobs in 2024

According to the most recent Bellwether report marketing budgets have increased at their fastest rate for nearly a decade, showing a resilience and shift in business optimism for the year ahead.

Current Marketing Trends

There has been an increase in budgets allocated to long term, brand based marketing such as PR and main media marketing campaigns. The last quarter has also shown strong budgetary allocation to performance marketing with the largest growth in spend across direct marketing activities.

Resources are still flowing into content production, and with AI very much becoming mainstream within marketing there can’t be a marketer out there who is not now using AI to support and improve their role, whether in content planning, marketing automation, content production, data analysis, advertising or media creation.

Despite platforms such as X continuing to see a decline in ad revenue (data shows a 64% decrease in revenue year on year, alongside a 14% drop in user numbers) social media marketing skills remain one of the most in demand skills for 2024, after content and video marketing - with video content continuing to take a larger share of marketing budgets.

The Impact of Technology on Marketing Jobs

Data-Driven Specialists

In the coming year marketing will increasingly demand professionals with expertise in data analytics and interpretation. With the rise of big data, AI and machine learning, marketers will need to harness insights to make informed decisions. Data analysts and scientists will play a pivotal role in shaping marketing strategies based on consumer behaviour, preferences, and emerging market trends.

AI and Automation Specialists

Automation tools and artificial intelligence are becoming integral to marketing operations. Marketing automation platforms, chatbots, and AI-driven analytics will require specialists who can implement, manage, and optimise these technologies.

A new breed of professionals will emerge specialising in developing marketing strategies centred around AI and machine learning. These strategists will focus on leveraging AI to optimise customer experiences and drive engagement. Professionals adept at integrating AI into marketing strategies will find themselves in high demand.

Digital Marketing Managers

As digital platforms continue to dominate the marketing space, the demand for skilled digital marketing specialists is set to rise. Proficiency in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and PPC/online advertising will be crucial. Companies will seek professionals who can craft cohesive digital campaigns that resonate with target audiences across diverse platforms.

marketing career

Increase in budgets allocated to long term, brand based marketing

Marketing Insights

Video content continuing to take largest share of marketing budgets

Keeping marketing skills up to date

Allowing time for continuous learning, gaining relevant marketing qualifications and staying updated on industry trends to provide a competitive edge to business is critical but also a balancing act between learning and delivery. The importance of being able to bring fresh perspectives and newly developed knowledge to the table, enhancing the performance of the marketing team and staying ahead in an environment that is rapidly changing cannot be underestimated.

Why is continuous professional development essential?

Marketing strategies that worked well in the past quickly become outdated. Staying informed allows marketers to adopt new and more effective strategies, ensuring that their efforts remain relevant and impactful.

The marketing function is dynamic, with new technologies and tools emerging regularly. Staying updated enables marketers to explore innovative approaches, enhancing their ability to create cutting-edge campaigns and deliver projects more quickly.

Upskilling demonstrates a commitment to professional development. It opens up opportunities for career advancement, as employers recognise and reward individuals who invest in their skills and contribute to the growth of the organisation, improving employee retention.

marketing career

Marketing budgets have increased at their fastest rate for a nearly a decade

Marketing Insights

Plan ahead to address skills shortages in digital and data-driven roles

What can we expect to see in 2024?

The efficiency and productivity benefits of integrating enhanced technology into marketing strategies will drive demand for skills in this area.

Long term investment in brand building through main media will secure traditional marketing roles such as event management and Out of Home advertising focused jobs but we will see tighter integration with digital marketing teams to compliment and enhance the brand strategy.

Salaries for technical marketing skills such as AI and data analysis will rise beyond inflation as available skills fail to meet demand.

There will be greater collaboration with IT teams to adopt and deploy new technology rapidly.

Marketing communications will become more targeted and personal using data and AI.

Intuitive, human intelligence will embrace and partner with artificial intelligence to deploy marketing campaigns at lightning pace.

Marketing salaries are expected to increase in line with inflation, at around 5-6 %, with slightly more for in demand skills.

marketing career

Salaries for AI and data analysis skills will rise beyond inflation

Marketing Insights

CPD and staying updated on industry trends provides a competitive edge to business

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