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Marketers 'need to respond to email challenges'

Marketing News |  27/04/2012
Marketers 'need to respond to email challenges'Marketers that fail to get to grips with Internet Service Providers’ (ISP) new spam-blocking filters are at serious risk of failing to deliver emails to their customers' inboxes, it has been claimed.

In a new white paper, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) claims email deliverability is becoming more challenging and this means businesses are at risk of losing clients.

Guy Hanson of the DMA's Email Marketing Council said marketers need to understand how ISPs and spam filters are significantly changing the way they monitor and process commercial email.

Should they fail to do so, advertisers face the real danger of delivering ineffective email marketing campaigns, he warned.

"Failing to reach the inbox ultimately means losing sales," Mr Hanson stated.

In its white paper, the DMA explains that ISPs and spam filters are shifting away from penalising 'bad' email and moving towards rewarding 'good' email instead.

To do this, engagement metrics are being used to provide a view of whether subscribers are interacting positively or negatively with their marketing emails.

The DMA noted that ISPs have been attempting to deal with rising spam volumes by using "increasingly aggressive tactics" to identify and block unwanted commercial email.

However, with the percentage of so-called 'false positives' generated by this approach reaching "unacceptable levels", ISPs have introduced a new set of behavioural metrics to improve the way they identify and eliminate spam.

Mr Hanson commented that the email landscape has "altered dramatically" over the last few years.

He explained that ISPs have had to devise increasingly more intelligent systems to filter 'good' emails effectively.

"This white paper highlights that engagement metrics and sender reputation are key to successful email deliverability," Mr Hanson stated.

"Marketers must understand the changing focus of ISPs and how good email marketing practices are recognised and rewarded."

Posted by Jon Aspinell


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