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Is mobile technology leading to more purchases?

Marketing News |  12/12/2014
Is mobile technology leading to more purchases?Smartphones are now common all over the UK, with millions of people relying on the handsets to go about their daily business.

Whether it is catching up with friends, playing video games or keeping on track with work assignments, there are a number of tasks that internet-enabled devices are ideal for.

One of the most popular capabilities of mobile devices is online shopping, as many consumers can now find and purchase items while on the move through their smartphone. 

However, just how successful are mobile phones when it comes to purchasing products and services? 

xAd’s study shows mobile opportunities for retailers

Research from xAd has found that mobile is a key driver of retail sales, with more than 80 per cent of research on the devices leading to an online or offline purchase. One-third of all users will utilise their mobile device as a primary source of retail purchases. Among the most popular categories are clothing, apparel, accessories, electronics and groceries.

Some 70 per cent of mobile shoppers have a decision to make when they start using their handset. This could relate to what they are purchasing, how they are going to buy it or whether they will even spend any money. 

The study found that, for those who did not follow through with a purchase, 24 per cent simply did not find what they were looking for and 21 per cent could not identify any products or services that interested them.

A key theme identified in the report is the role mobile plays as a connection between digital and physical industries, with 40 per cent of respondents visiting both a store location and carrying out mobile research before completing a transaction. 

Theo Theodorou, GM, EMEA, xAd Inc, said: “Retailers spend billions on TV advertising campaigns and store design all with a mission to influence spending behaviour and engage with their consumers, particularly in the last few weeks before Christmas.

“This study shows that mobile is one of the key channels for reaching these shoppers. As they engage with their devices to aid in their purchase decisions, a well-targeted and fully integrated mobile campaign can have a real influence on the likelihood of a sale along every stage of the path to purchase.”

Mr Theodorou stressed that, as four-fifths of UK mobile retail shoppers will complete a transaction on their mobile this Christmas, the channel is a “massive bottom-line opportunity”. 

Employers need to recognise mobile when hiring staff 
As mobile becomes increasingly important for businesses, managers need to look for staff who are knowledgeable about mobile handsets and can identify potential future trends. 

Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics, has commented on the findings, noting that the “always-on nature” of mobiles means there are many chances for companies to engage shoppers across the day. 

“Knowing that over half of consumers are looking to make a decision within that same day, there is also an opportunity to influence immediate action including calls, looking up directions, and even store visits,” Mr Dinan explained.

If managers identify employees with a strong understanding of mobile and the advantages it can bring, companies can introduce engaging mobile strategies to attract new workers and keep them for longer. 

Posted by Jon Aspinell
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