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Free Salary Survey

Salary survey information - tailored to your part of the country

The Ashdown Group provides salary advice on a regular basis to many of our 2000 customers. We provide salary survey data within the following specialist areas:

• Accountancy • Human Resources
• Information Technology • Marketing
Whether you are hiring for a new position, would like to benchmark salaries for existing staff or have been asked to forecast this information for budgets, the Ashdown Group can provide you with high quality researched data.

Salary Survey

Salary Survey Data Collation

We source data on your behalf from a number of online salary sources - as standard this includes the following: 
Salary Trends
• Analysis of positions advertised with the top 7 industry specific job boards and salary information collated from specialist publications
• Data taken from over 13,000 vacancies advertised with the Ashdown Group
• Historical data extracted from the 800,000 candidate records on our database
• Latest information given to us by many of the 8,500 new people that register their details with us every month

If you would like a free tailored salary survey for a Marketing, HR, IT or Accountancy position that’s specific to your geographical location, we would be delighted to hear from you. Each survey is conducted as a bespoke salary review. We strive to ensure all salary surveys are as accurate and meaningful as possible – the accuracy of the data we can generate is dictated by the quality of the information we are given.

Please email details of the position(s) you are seeking salary guidance for. Alternatively, please call 08456 434 456 to discuss your requirements in detail.

Our salary survey service is only available to employers