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Charity Tips

11. Email, mail everyone you think might support you in your address book.

12. Ask! – When meeting up with friends, don’t be shy - ask if they would mind supporting you.

Approach people at work and ask for their support

13. It doesn’t cost anything for your company to promote your charity event with a poster at reception. We print out small cards with the Justgiving page URL on them for people to donate online. You may have problems collecting money from company visitors.

14. If your company will let you, approach company suppliers – this may not be relevant but if you work with suppliers, you may find that they are happy to sponsor you. We have raised over £1000 this way.

15. Approach your employer for a contribution. The Ashdown Group recently matched the staff contribution.

16. Engage the whole company/department. Whilst we have been fundraising, it has been impossible for the frenzy of activity to go unnoticed within the business.

17. Charity donation dress down day – if you can clear it with your boss!

18. Bake a cake, day – bring cakes into work and sell them in aid of charity. This was very successful for us, enabling people within the business who were not taking part in the actual event, to help with fundraising.

19. Office based tuck shop – where all profit goes to charity, we have raised over £1000 through selling chocolate, crisps and cans of drink!

20. Wine tasting night – we raised over £500 selling tickets to taste different wines from around the world. Majestic Wine offers a free wine glass loan and use or return on wine.

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